Monday, July 30, 2007

Beckhams Bribe Couple to Have a Party?

Now this story is a real trip! So David and Victoria Beckham wanted to throw a leaving London party a few weeks ago, but the venue had been booked for months. Posh insisted on having this celebration and was very persistent in her efforts to convince the couple who were having their reception there to go elsewhere. Finally, The Becks offered the couple a Mini Cooper as well as pay for the entire wedding and mortgage. My goodness, I know when you have money the greed manifests itself and you feel superior to all people, but I think that was going a little overboard. Although, I can't say that I would've turned it down, I mean seriously!

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Anonymous said...

if you have seen the remake of charlie and the chocolate factory with johnny depp then you will notice the resemblance between victoria and depp