Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Air Quality in New York Is Ok?

I know it's a little late to report on this story, because its been on every network, but what happened yesterday was very disturbing. It brought back so many memories from the tragedy that occurred almost six years ago. I think everyone can remember what they were doing when they heard the radio stations break for an emergency broadcast, I was in the lab conducting an experiment and chatting with co-workers about the weekend ahead. So, it's understandable to run, scream, and try to take cover, especially with all these threats that are coming our way. CNN reported this morning that a person did die of a heartache while trying to take cover and several are injured, some critical. Now, the after effects is what I'm worried about. Officials from the Emergency Management said that the steam and dust that came from the eighty-three year old pipe didn't affect the air quality, even though yesterday right after the blast there was asbestos released. My thing is where did the asbestos go from yesterday. Asbestos can get into the groundwater and contaminate the whole water supply. This is the same thing after 9/11, Giuliani and other officials said that the air quality wasn't harmful and then people start getting sick and filing lawsuits. Isn't it logical to think otherwise, the government really kills me when they go on these campaigns to convince innocent citizens that there isn't any long-term effects. Well, they better be right and ready to face the accusations coming their way. I sincerely hope that all the injured will recover and condolences to the individual that didn't.

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