Tuesday, July 31, 2007

House for Sale!!

Paris Hilton makes news again...So she is putting her Hollywood Hills house for sale for 4.25 million dollars. The 1926 Spanish-style house went on the market on Friday and was described as "a very special celebrity owned home" by MLS, the multiple listing service that brokers and customers rely on for a first look at available properties. I am not sure why Paris is selling her house but I have heard of couple of rumors on the rumor mill. It seems that for one her neighbors hate her!!! I mean there was a paparazzi stakeout at her home when she was released and re-released from jail. ( That ought to cause some commotion) I also heard that the "hip" atmosphere is too much for the newly sober Hilton, and last but not least there is a claim that her grandpa just can't get over her sex tape and recent arrest so he took away her inheritance. What a bummer if the last is true!!! My thing is why can't trust fund babies just lead normal lives. I was talking to a co-worker today and I told her, "if my fam came into a whole lot of money, I would still go to medical school, still go to work, and lead a normal life." Just because I am a "celebrity and rich", I don't have to be apart of that world. If the last rumor is true it doesn't seem that Paris is too upset about her g-pa's decision since this week the 26-year-old heiress has been boasting about how she will earn £100 million this year from putting her famous name to everything from hair extensions to a stuffed version of her 'handbag dog' Tinkerbell. So I guess loosing all that free money won't hurt!!! Dang can I just $100,00 please! LOL!!

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