Saturday, July 28, 2007

Obama and Hilary Put the Gloves On!

Hilary and Obama aren't making nice. I watched the YouTube Debates on Monday and I must say they were really good, informative, and something fresh that attracted younger voters. Obama responded to a citizen about how he would deal with Iran, North Korea, and Syria. His response was to have a meeting that was open for all parties to discuss compromise. Immediately following, Hilary said on record that what Obama suggested was " irresponsible and naive". Obama came back with a left jab and said what is naive and irresponsible is approving a war without considering "how we were going to get out". I know how politics work and if you don't inform yourself, you can get loss in all the rhetoric. So, I suggest read up on the candidates votes in Congress and research a little deeper. You have to make a decision based on realism and not favoritism. I mean, just because you loved Bill doesn't mean you should vote for his wife. You have to think of who's the best person for the job, who's going to fix this mess that Bush is going to leave behind when he hibernates into the woods in Crawford, Texas! We aren't going to accomplish anything by having such division in Congress., it doesn't work anymore! We are at war and I don't care if you're Independent, Republican, Democrat, just come up with a plan to save this nation from becoming extinct!

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