Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The War on PETA

Madeline Hatter, you done started something.

Madeline Hatter's a friend of mine who posted an article that she read about PETA that's got me all the way pissed off. I posted it in both of my blogs and someone else's blog. See, I used to think that PETA was just annoying. I mean, at heart, coming to the defense of animals is pretty admirable, and someone needed to do it. However, there is a line that PETA crossed long ago, pissed on, and are steadily moving light-years away from.

PETA has been in the news recently for picketing Michael Vick and anything that has to do with him. They picket the NFL offices and the Atlanta Falcons' training facilities for not suspending Vick without pay or cutting him outright. They called and bothered all the companies whose products Vick endorses. They came down to the courthouse for Vick's arraignment hearing and picketed. But Michael Vick hasn't been convicted of anything. When they started up, he hadn't even been indicted yet. Why are they hating?

Well, as it turns out, PETA is a bunch of hypocrites who kill animals on a far grander scale than any dog-fighting operation. In my last post, there's a link to a website, http://www.petakillsanimals.com/, that details pretty much everything you'd want to know about the REAL PETA. It talks about their links to organizations that the FBI has deemed "terrorist," it talks about how some of PETA's membership has advocated breaking the law to reach its goals, and it posts a statement from PETA's founder, Ingrid Newkirk, where she claims that even if animal research found a cure for AIDS, they still wouldn't support it.

Yeah, these are the lunatics we're dealing with here.

But, because the majority of us are actual, productive members of society (except me, because I've got the time to sit here and write this), we can't go out to everywhere that PETA is picketing and match them person for person, and dollar for dollar. Not without losing our jobs, anyway.

What we can do is this: At the PETA Kills Animals website, there is a link to sign an online petition to have PETA's tax exempt status revoked. I don't know if stuff like that actually works, and to be honest, I've never seen it work in the past. But it's something. Maybe the world will shock us and actually revoke their status. I don't know. But it's worth trying. Personally, I'm tired of people like this going out and throwing paint on people for wearing fur or burning down research labratories.

The link is at the bottom of this page.

Go to hell, PETA.



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