Monday, July 16, 2007

Sniper-Style Murder!

David Munis killed his wife Robin, a rising country western star, in Cheyenne on Saturday at a bar! I was watching Nancy Grace and this story was the main topic of the night. I sat there not in disbelief, but in shock and sadness. David murdered his wife sniper-style while she was performing on stage at the Old Chicago. He used a rifle and pulled the trigger once to release a single bullet that would enter and exit Mrs. Munis's head! He did serve in the Army, but it's not known if he was in combat. This would be relevant to defense's claims that he may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress. I'm not an expert, but this was planned and well-thought out. Earlier in the day, Robin reported to police that she had received harassing phone calls. The police said that was the first time those reports were made. My whole thing is people are saying that there was no evidence of Domestic abuse, but don't you realize that it can be emotional or verbal. I seriously think it was some physical, but like most women she didn't report it and we end up with the same sad story. It was a mission and he was to complete it! At this time, there is a massive manhunt for a cold-blooded killer! I found some pics that were taken in 2005 of David in a dense forest while hunting in Wyoming. I sent them to CNN, because the detectives were trying to get any information from persons associated with David to give clues on where he could possibly be hiding. Well, I'm definitely not an associate, but a CONCERNED CITIZEN!! Women, you must become strong and not subject yourself to this treatment. My prayers go out to the family of the victim and her 4 children, one with David.

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