Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beyonce Falls Down In Orlando!

Beyonce falls down twelve steps at an Orlando Concert for her World Tour! She was performing " Ring the Alarm" in a trench coat and high heels when she fell. I admire anyone who can fall head first and then get up like nothing ever happened. She was swinging her hair around and stomping like she is a seasoned performer. I ain't mad at you girl, earn your money! If you click on the link, local 6 in Orlando has the exclusive footage of the fall. It's not very good quality, but you can definitely see the fall because they play it in slow motion over and over again. The funny part is, at the end of the concert she asked her fans not to post the video on You Tube. Sweetie, this day and age nobody really cares about your requests, it's the YouTube generation!

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