Monday, July 23, 2007

Drew Carey Will Replace Barker

Drew Carey will be the new face of the longest running game show on television. That's right boys and girls, the game show that your grandmother watched before Young and the Restless everyday, The Price Is Right! I personally don't think that it's a good choice. I mean if you're going to pick a person to replace Bob Barker then at least make it somewhat familiar. Bob Barker has a regal look, well until he was 70, but I speak for most when I say that the gray hair makes a difference. I for sure thought that George Hamilton would be a better selection, but I'm not his agent, so maybe he was making a Love at First Bite Part Deux! I think he needs to stick to shows that are more comical and less contestant based. However, he's hosting a new prime-time game show that will be airing on CBS, The Power of Ten. So, we'll just have to see what happens, but if most of you are at school, work, or just watching Tyra instead then disregard the aforementioned statement.


Jenna said...

I for one think this is crazy. I grew up watching the "Price is Right", so Bob Barker is a classic. You can't replace a classic with a....a....damn, I don't even know what Drew Carey is!

Teelady said...