Thursday, July 19, 2007

Will Smith Hosts Party for Becks!

Will Smith and Tom Cruise will be hosting a " Welcome to LA" party for David Beckham in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, July 22. The party's guest list are elite powerhouses in the industry. Some of the R.S.V.P. that have been confirmed are Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Jim Carey, and many more. This will be the launch of putting D-Town LA back on the map.
Also Will Smith will be shooting parts of his new film, John Hancock on 8th and Fig, you know where Bruce Willis crashed the helicopter in Live Free or Die Hard! So if you're out and about in LA, go by and check Mr. Big Willy out


scott ryan said...

both these guys will and david are champs

Ms. Scorpia said...

Thank You so much for the comment! I really think Will is one of a kind, just a real stand up guy and Becks is just " the man" of the year right now. Los Angeles is crazy right now, I just wonder if the craze will fizzle out after a few months. You know Hollywood is a revolving door!

confessing7girl said...

will is just on top of everything!! and the next hot thing in the US is the beckhams!! so why not i heard they r going to get together with the Cruises too!!! :D

nice blog u hv here girl!! although i understand nothing of american football , my sport is soccer!! ;)

Ms. Scorpia said...

Thanks ma, I like all sports and I will keep the updates coming on Becks, trust! I like your blog too!! Come back anytime and visit.