Monday, July 23, 2007

Becks Party In Downtown Los Angeles

I've been a little M.I.A. since my last post, but work can have you going in circles sometimes. I really couldn't wait to get home and blog! It's really becoming a second job and can you say, addictive! I just want to give kudos to myself, because I was one of the first blogs to post about the Becks party ( 7/19). If I'm wrong then let me know and crush my feelings in the process! Well, here's a collage of pics from the oh so glamorous event... Is it just me or does Tom Cruise really look weird? I know age can set in and acting jobs stop, but don't let your wife out do you Tom! Also attending the party was good girl gone bad Rihanna and bonafide bad girl Lil Kim. Lindsay and her monitor attended the party as well. If only I was a little famous, maybe I'll become a valet girl or a door opener. Hey, that's how most of them got started! Here's more pics for your viewing pleasure.

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