Saturday, July 21, 2007

Will You Go See Hairspray?

Queen and the cast of Hairspray were in New York on the Today Show to promote their new film. The movie will open this weekend and supposedly critics find it very entertaining! I'm not sure is I want to see this remake, I loved the movie when it came out in 1988. It was funny as hell, remember Rick Lake's hair and yes if you wondering, I am a child of the late 70's! I'm really not looking forward to the visual of John Travolta as a woman, he looks pretty comfortable by the way. I wonder why he wasn't on the Today Show, did have anything to do with the emphasis exchange between Matt Lauer and Tom " Crazy" Cruise? Please leave a comment and give a critique of the movie if you go pay $9.00. IF YOU'RE LIKE ME AND LOVE THE MOVIES FROM THE 80'S, GO TO

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