Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Airport Security On High Alert for Terrorist Dry Runs!

Officials in Washington have put all security personnel on high alert for supposed terrorist dry runs. There were four curious seizures at four major airports ;Houston, Milwaukee, San Diego, and Baltimore. I live in Houston and I had know idea of this seizure and if they reported it, it was very brief and not repeated. In those seizures authorities recovered pipes, switches, tubes, cell phone components, and many more. The government sure knows how to play games. How come we weren't informed of this before, why does it take serious threats to make the American people aware of what's going on? They have no problem showing us coverage on the Iraq War and how many soldiers are being killed a day or the suicide bombers that attack mosques. The Taliban knows that we aren't focused on the right thing, that's why the failed test at La Guardia occurred. I mean wake up America, stop being naive! You have to demand more and stop living your life as if the U.S. government has your back, gain the knowledge, don't be in denial, and understand your right to know!! We can sleep on this one if we want to, think that the intelligence is vague and not substantial and we will have ourselves in the middle of 9/11 times two! I'm not at The Pentagon, so I can't claim to be an expert on anything, but I do remember that day and all I kept saying is, " please don't let this happen again and hunt down the muthas that did it"! Now, six years later Sadaam is dead, no "WMD" were found, and Osama is still making videotapes from his tree house! I will definitely keep you informed my fellow concerned citizens....

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