Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lei Yixin Will Sculpt MLK Monument

Lei Yixin has been chosen to sculpt a stone monument of Martin Luther King Jr. This brings on some controversy of course. Originally, Ed Dwight who is also a sculptor and the first Black astronaut was passed over by the committee. Ed feels that he knows the reason why they chose Lei instead of himself. He said, " the backers of the King memorial told him they hoped the choice of a Chinese sculptor would persuade the Chinese government to give $25 million to the King memorial fund, which has a target of $100 million". When I first read this story, I was ready to get on my community for being upset at the decision of the committee, because we have no problems buying any clothes from China. Therefore, your outrage can't be justified, but once I researched more to get a better understanding, I stumbled on this article. It really doesn't surprise me that this happened, everything is about money! The priorities in this country is so twisted. I mean don't get me wrong Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man and it's an honor to go to Washington and see him etched in stone next to Lincoln, but why can't it be just about recognition of a great leader. Please notice that I said leader and not just Civil Rights, because he wanted equality and love for all colors and creeds, nothing was isolated in his mind. This is just my opinion on what my country should be about, but I'm not naive. I know that we play give and take, but I'm just using my Freedom of Speech.

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