Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nike Suspends Vick's Contract Without Pay!

Man, talk about falling to your knees. Nike has suspended Vick's very generous contract without pay and Reebok has halted the sale of the No. 7 jerseys that were set to ship out. Basically, Vick is no longer on top and all the confidence in the world can't make you think everything is okay. The NFL is becoming one big eye sore. The Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson story are added ingredients to this mess stew! Unfortunately, Vick's behavior is inhumane and torturous where as Pacman and Tank are just stupid and ignorant! The Commish has really earned his money and training camp just started. I'm hoping that the new class drafted in 2006 will stay on track, being a native Houstonian, I'm pulling for Young to remain a class act. The allegations of Reggie's family taking money and gifts has taken a back seat to these other classless individuals. I just hope at the start of the season, things will be handled and the tailgate parties will begin!

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