Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gisele Turns 27 and She Isn't Happy!

These two don't look so happy! Gisele turned 27 this past Friday and what she expected to be a party-filled, extravagant gift day, turned out to be baby mama drama! See, Brady's ex Bridgette Moynahan was due to give birth the same day, so it was less celebration and more waiting for the arrival of his newborn. My thing is Gisele is acting like she had no clue that the baby was due around this time. If you were going to get selfish and upset then you should have just stayed away. Gisele is the highest paid supermodel, raking in 33 million a year, that alone would take my worries away, so girl just chill out and support the man! Now we'll have to see if he's a stand-up father that will spend quality time with his son or be wrapped up in Gisele's bosom.

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