Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ok so I have NEVER been a Britney Spears fan and I really don't want to blog this story but something tells me that this female has totally lost her mind. She has totally lost all control of her career and I think really doesn't care what happens to her or her 2 children. I know that you all have seen and heard about her behavior at the OK photo shoot, but the latest of her shenanigans is the firing of members of her entourage. It seems that anyone who is trying to "control" her (help) has been given their walking papers. Spears gave Shannon Funk the boot just three weeks after hiring her, the termination follows the recent axings of manager Larry Rudolph and the powerhouse public relations firm BWR. Spears' previous assistant, Alli Sims—who also happened to be her cousin—parted ways with the performer last month. And Spears has even sought to distance herself and her kids from her mother, Lynne. I mean what is is about being a star that drives people to such behavior. I'm not a celebrity, so I can't speak on how hard it is to be one, but dang man! I just hope and pray that her children are ok and she is not neglected or abusing them in any way. God Bless!

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