Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Woman Assualted at Disney World Theme Park!

An Alabama woman found herself fighting at Walt Disney World instead of enjoying the fairytale rides in May. Victoria Walker accused Aimee Krause of cutting in line for the "Mad Tea Party" ride. Angered by this action Walker allegedly hit Krause several times in the head. Come on people, long lines, long wait, no need for cutting or violence!!!! Krause said she's suffered from seizures, memory loss and blurred vision since the May attack. Walker was allowed to return to her Alabama home following the incident, but a judge later issued a warrant for her arrest after hearing of the injuries. She was taken to an Orange County jail Tuesday and later bonded out.

See this is what I have been talking about for a long time, we can't go anywhere without there being some type of misunderstanding that leads to violence. I am so scared to do anything anymore. I mean did Walker take a moment to think what kind of affect her actions would have on the other children in the line and more importantly her own. I heard on the radio that the judge sentenced her to two years in jail on assault charges. Was it worth it? (and she still didn't get to ride the ride!!!) LOL!


Jenna said...

Obviously, she didn't take a moment to think before she acted. Thus, leaving her in her current situation. Too many times people fail to realize the magnitude of their seemingly simple decisions. Not only do our decisions affect us, but everyone around us as well.

Julie said...

I mean really- what are we portraying for our kids? It was just a line for a ride? It wasn't like it was the line for entrance into Heaven!! No need for fighting! I'm sure everyone would have gotten on the ride eventually. Shame!!

Anonymous said...

They just increased the charges on the attacker Victoria Walker, March 2008. She is now facing 15 years for second degree felony. Trial is set for April 7, 2008. I hope they throw the book at this "person" and I use that word lightly. How dare another person do such a terrible, unthinkable crime against another person. She says shes God fearing, he will judge you. Enjoy Prison, be glad it was not my family you did this to. I am large and you wouldn't have gotten away with running back home and disconnecting your phone number. Welcome to our Florida Prison system.