Sunday, July 29, 2007

Eddie Curry and Family Held at Gunpoint!

New York Knicks star Eddie Curry and his family were held at gunpoint by three masked robbers on Saturday morning at their Suburban Chicago home. What's up with all the robberies of NBA players? Unlike Walker, Curry was in his home. I'm thinking it's probably an associate or something, that's why it's imperative that you watch the company you keep and don't trust anyone, just my opinion.

Quick Update:

A high school classmate of Tim Donaghy is expected to be indicted sometime this week. James Batista was the former operator of Marina's sports bar in Havertown.

Smush Parker has signed with the Miami Heat. Last season, Parker was taken out of the starting line-up after consistent lackluster performances. I bet when Parker goes to Miami, he's going to be a 10 pt. game contributor. Some players just can't play with the Triangle offense of Phil Jackson.

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