Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pay Attention!!

I haven't posted any updates about the " War on Terrorism", but I need to make everyone aware of the oppositional forces that are building and resurfacing! We've been in Iraq for over five years and the same people who killed and injured so many on 9/11 are revamped and ready to do so again. I understand that the United States can only stretch their arms so far, but we weren't supposed to get distracted by Sadam. Ok, he killed thousands of people, but was that really our business? The Bush family had a partnership with him years ago, so they had full knowledge of his dictatorship and personal affairs. The problem occurred when greed from both parties made it impossible to have a cohesive assembly.The U.S. completely dropped the ball, turned away from the mountains in Afghanistan to the streets of Iraq! Our focus on what was important got lost in red-tape and revenge. Now here we are in 2007 and our backs are against the wall. I pray everyday that harm will not come our way, but it's inevitable! I know the news can be unbearable to watch and the excessive amount of graphic content on television is enough to make you turn the channel, but it's not the time to be uninformed. At least once a day, find out what laws are being passed, what money is being granted, what nuclear chemicals are being developed. These issues are all relevant, because you're a U.S. citizen and you have the RIGHT TO KNOW!!

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Anonymous said...

Where does everyone get these pictures of terrorists? Do they get together annually and have picture day or something?