Thursday, July 5, 2007

What Took You So Long?

Diddy's girlfriend Kim Porter, has moved out of the New York apt that they shared. First of all, did you really think he was going to change for you, because you gave birth times two? Girl, Diddy has only really salivated and slaved over one woman and she didn't even have to give him babies. Diddy has been playing you for years, he's been with Sienna Miller, Claudia Jordan, other men, you know how it goes. These women really need to stop getting pregnant, thinking that the man of their dreams will leave his partying behind, just to stay at home with them. It doesn't work that way. If you really wanted more out of life and the nice little picket fence on some acres of land, Diddy was not the right choice. Hopefully, you'll be a little wiser! Anyway, aren't you getting like 30,000 a month in child support for Christopher? Hey, add your twins and sister you will be just fine...

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