Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Die "N" Word, Die!!!!!

Ok so my first question is why must we African-American people always put ourselves into the public eye? It is one thing to make a self-affirmation that we won't use the "N" word, but to have a funeral for it is just outrageous!!!!! I understand the horrible history, the embarrasment and hurt that our community feels when people refer to us as such..but where does the real problem lie? I mean this is the age old paradigm about how we feel when people call us the "N" word...but what about when we call ourselves that? Let me just state that there is NO difference between "N-ger and N-ga". There is nothing friendly about the word, no matter who uses it. So what I am simply trying to say is that we really didn't need a funeral, we need to stop using it, thinking about it, and listening to it. We can't expect society to change if we are unwilling to change ourselves. Respect yourselves people and others will do the same. By the way, where was Al Sharpton? LOL

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Jewels said...

Teelady- I must agree with you. Why must be have a "funeral" for a word? I see they were trying for symbolism, but come on people. I believe if we as a people want to be treated with respect, we must first show ourselves respectful. Why would we expect society not to use the N word, when we ourselves use it all the time? No matter how you say it, the word has a negative connotation. This debate has gone on for so long. The question is... will we ever stop using the word completely?