Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Laurie Who?

Sorry peeps, but these Acid Washes at the "J", have really consumed my time!! Anywho, check out this video of Laurieann promoting her new show, Making the Record. I'm sure that Mr. Diddy is behind the lens making another H.A.M.!!!! I stop watching after the first Making the Band, I'm not a fan of African-American people acting a straight-up fool on national television. How could you be so naive to think that Diddy was going to keep the band together. He's in it for the money and after 15 years in the game, you'd think people would realize that!! We have enough chart-topping non-singers. Why don't you try to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, that better suits you! Oh yea, where is the show-stoppers? Furthermore, there were reports that Laurieann had accused Diddy of putting his hands on her! Well, I wish Laurieann the best, but seriously girl, you don't have to contribute to the music biz.

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