Sunday, July 15, 2007

Leave Your Ego At The Door!

I really tried to find a decent pic of this Lil Kim wannabe. It seems that her dream of becoming the Queen Bee will come true, well not really. She was arraigned on Attempted Murder charges in NYC. In Lil Kim's case, her crime rendered a lesser charge, but this case is serious. Apparently, she shot a woman who at one point was an associate. If all evidence points to Ma, then she should get a stiff sentence, it's not like she's Eve or Missy. She won't get any special treatment like Paris. So, I expect the trial will last no more than a month, not unless she has some high-priced attorney, which I seriously doubt. My question is where is Fat Joe? Oh yea,
" making it rain" with Lil Wayne. I'll keep you updated...
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