Sunday, July 15, 2007

Freedom of Speech?

I haven't posted any MLB stories for a minute, so I guess now is a good time!! Gary, Gary, Gary, why do you put yourself in these situations. I could see if it was the end of the season and you needed to get some harsh feelings off your chest, but to call out Torre and others is ridiculous! Your team is making a push to the top and you are jeopardizing that by spewing off at the mouth. The guys on your team are professionals, so I'm sure this will not affect them in any way, but it just distracts fans from what you guys are trying to accomplish. I think everyone knows that baseball tends to be a little divided, just like every other sport. I wasn't in the dugout, so I don't know how black and non-black players were treated, but if you felt that way, why stay with organization for so long. Why didn't you take your concerns to the commish? I'll come back to this story later, maybe one of my boys can pick it up.....I'm getting more and more irritated as I type.

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