Monday, July 16, 2007

The Order of the Phoenix

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If you are like me and understand the magnitude of Harry Potter, you will absolutely understand how excited I am to be writing this blog right now. I walked into work with my IMAX 3-D glasses on this morning just so everyone would know that I am a Potter fanatic!!! If you saw the movie this weekend and didn't see it in IMAX you totally missed out!!!! 3-D is a must!! Now on to the movie....

Disclaimer: Book readers, you try and fit 900 pages into a two hour movie!!!!

I have read many reviews of the movie and everyone seems to be happy and very excited about Hollywood's fifth adaptation of the hit book by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I for one thought it was a faboulous movie, though there were a few changes and tweeks, I was very satified. (I thought I was going to throw up with excitement when I took my seat on the 6th row in the middle of the theatre) Harry, Hermonie, and Ron have grown up so much since the last movie I almost didn't recognize them. The casting director did a marvelous job casting Delores Umbridges's character because I HATED her just like I did in the book. Luna Lovegood has become one of my new fav characters, she is so quirky but knowledgeable just the same. I think Harry can relate to her in a way that he can't with his other friends. Ginny Weasley is becoming an awesome wizard and cute as a button. Some viewers felt that the movie was too dark, I mean come on people the content of the story is evolving, you can't expect the movie to continue to be a light and fun and all about spells. The Dark Lord has a body now, he is recruiting people heavily and the death eaters are more powerful than ever. (keyword- death eaters) The story of Harry Potter is alot deeper than magical spells to unlock doors and fix glasses, it is about the prophecy as we learned in this book. In the end it will be for Harry to kill or be killed, and people that is DARK!!! I am going to start reading the 6th book Half Blood Prince tonight so that I can be ready for The Deathly Hallows when it is released in 4 days. We will learn the fate of everyone in the last book, will Harry die or will he kill The Dark Lord?

Well everyone, I am so glad that I have been able to share my thoughts with you. Thank you for reading this blog.

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