Monday, July 16, 2007

Wearing a bracelet stops you from drinking

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So congradulations to Lindsay Lohan for completing her 45-day stint in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction!!! Leaving the facility on Friday the 13th will hopefully be a new start for the singer/actress. She was spotted in Las Vegas attending a bday party for a friend, sources say she just drank Red Bull and Voss!! My only question is that the article stated that she is wearing an "alcohol monitoring bracelet", wtf is that? Is this bracelet electronic, and if so how does it monitor her? I tell you technology is something else! Well good luck Lindsay and stay away from the booze.

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leany said...

The shirt is the property of his roommate, Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. On his wrist, there are three fraying coloured wristbands that he has not bothered to remove - one from a Kings of Leon concert a week ago, another from a Stooges show two weeks ago, and a third from a Vines show from who knows when.

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