Sunday, July 15, 2007

What is Going On in America??

First of all I would like to say just how UPSET & DISGUSTED I am at these teen aged BOYS!! We as parents, family members, friends & a community need to start taking responsibility for our kids. I am a firm believer of disciplining children. Whether its grounding, taking away privileges and oh yes spanking. But not beating.

How can we expect our kids to make it in this WORLD if we don't try to prepare them for the future, being dumb is not cool; putting your kids down because you've had a bad day is not cool; ignoring your kids because you don't feel like being bothered is not cool. Most of all, letting your kids do whatever they want is not cool. Stop making excuses for these kids and start teaching them responsibility.

For instance when the teacher calls and tell you that there is a problem with your child that does not mean that when you arrive at the schoolhouse you are ready to attack the teach when you should walk in with a BELT and an angry face to let your child know and understand that their behavior is not and will not be tolerated now and in the future.

I'm very upset about what has happened to this mother and her child. It angers me so much that I truly feel that what these teen aged boys have done should be done back to them. It is hard for me to comment on this story because ever time I read or think about it I just want to snatch those kids up and beat they TAIL baby. Excuse me and let’s take a moment, DONE.

It is time to take our kids back so that we can show and teach them how to become good civilized human beings. They already have a strike against them once they come out of the womb. That strike is being BLACK and for girls its 2 strikes because not only are they black but they are FEMALE.

It is time for these boys to pull up their pants and these girls to put on some clothes and get an EDUCATION.

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Donna said...

Hi! I love the photo of the boy sitting on the basketball and reading a book and would like to obtain permission to use it. Could you advise? Thank you!! Donna

Ms. Scorpia said...

Yes Donna, you have permission to use the photo. That post was written by one of my contributing authors at the time, so I'm not sure where she got the photo from.